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In order to provide its customers with high quality products, which always meet the declared specifications and customer requirements, Washers Italia makes use of latest-generation machinery, specific for testing and inspection through a system of image dimension measurement that permits:
  • measuring a large number of objects in a single operation
  • measuring height and depth at the same time
  • also measuring large-size targets

Thanks to speed of measurement and high precision, this type of machinery makes it possible to optimize the test process, cutting costs and thus providing customers with top-quality products at very competitive prices.
Our machinery is able to measure the main parameters which ensure the products correspond to the declared specifications:

  • measurement of distance between lines
  • setting a tolerance
  • measuring the diameter
  • profile control
  • measuring by means of intersection

it also permits saving and comparing the results obtained during each control operation, to maintain high quality standards.
Washers Italia has always paid close attention to testing its products and, over the years, has managed and implemented this corporate sector, equipping itself with machinery able to upgrade and automate product control and testing.
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